Beautiful Simple Intake

Magical and Paperless

Patients are invited by their providers and receive a Magic Code via email. The Magic Code will lets patients login and use our service, automatically connected with the inviting provider, and all pertinent information pre-loaded. Yes - it really is that simple.


What you want. When you need it.

Whether a patient is calling for a common medical or mental health reason - CareSpace makes it easy, fast, goes where ever patients do.


Help on the Go

With access to over 100,000 pharmacy and mental health referral clinics - CareSpace is there to help even if patients need a mix of virtual and in-person care. Providers determine and issue prescriptions and referrals as deem necessary.

Payment Is a Breeze

Cash or Insurance?

Forget the days of invoices, paper checks, and collections. CareSpace's easy built in payment system allows patients to pay cash, co-pay or coinsurance with everything streamlined and built directly into the patient experience.

Common Patient Questions

Video visits through CareSpace allow for a secure connection to your doctor at the convenience of your time and location. This keeps you out of the doctors office and gives you much more free time.

Over 80% of common trips to the doctor could be resolved via Virtual Care. For any purpose that does not require a physical examination, telehealth has proven to be just as effective. Nevertheless, rest assured your provider will recommend you go see someone in person if they deem a video visit inapproptiate.

The visits you would do through CareSpace are typically covered by your regular health insurance. You would be charged the same amount - and pay the same co-pay - as you would if you were doing the visit in person. Some providers also offer a cash-pay option.

You will need either an iPhone, iPad, or an android device. Your provider will send you an inviation including a magic code, and you can use it to access your providers virtual CareSpace.