The Patient Experience

CareSpace proudly offers one of the best user-friendly platform in the market.

Explore the Patient Experience

On-Demand Care from Trusted Providers

CareSpace's smart and user friendly platform makes it seamless for patients to see their provider quickly. Patients save an average of 45 minutes of time per virtual encounter.


Redefining flexible scheduling

CareSpace is designed with comfort in mind for both providers and patients.

Patients can submit on-demand or future visits during the providers scheduled hours.


Patients Love It

CareSpace finally brings to life a care platform that patients truly enjoy and love to use.

With a familiar and user friendly interface, matched with easy payment and flexible scheduling, patients are happy and inclined to use CareSpace much more frequently than they would seek in person care.

Common Patient Questions

Video visits through CareSpace allow for a secure connection to your doctor at the convenience of your time and location. This keeps you out of the doctors office and gives you much more free time.

Over 80% of common trips to the doctor could be resolved via Virtual Care. For any purpose that does not require a physical examination, telehealth has proven to be just as effective. Nevertheless, rest assured your provider will recommend you go see someone in person if they deem a video visit inapproptiate.

The visits you would do through CareSpace are typically covered by your regular health insurance. You would be charged the same amount - and pay the same co-pay - as you would if you were doing the visit in person. Some providers also offer a cash-pay option.

You will need either an iPhone, iPad, or an android device. Your provider will send you an inviation including a magic code, and you can use it to access your providers virtual CareSpace.