Care On Your Terms

CareSpace is a virtual care platform built with patients and providers in mind. Our platform allows you to see your local providers, in a safe, compliant, and streamlined environment. We are dedicated to making access to care easier, more affordable and more efficient than ever before.

Safety First

CareSpace takes patient privacy and security very seriously. Our entire platform was built from the ground up to be HIPAA-compliant with end to end encryption.


Improved Patient Satisfaction

Our platform is the fastest and easiest to use on the market. See your local doctor in 15 min or less.

Providers control their virtual practice hours. Patients stay notified every step of the way.


Insurance Not Required

CareSpace makes payment effortless for all - with or without insurance.

Patients can choose to pay with cash, or use their insurance. Our platform will instantly verify eligibility, collect the co-pay, and allow you to see your doctor - just like in person.​

We Make Care Easy

HIPAA Compliant

CareSpace is secure and HIPAA compliant. Our platform keeps all records end to end encrypted, so everything stays completely protected.

Eligiblity Checks

CareSpace offers instant eligibility checks for benefits coverage for 93% of the insured U.S. population. We have access to over 700 health insurance payer connections to Medicare and commercial insurers in real time.

Streamlined Reimbursement

In addition to automated eligiblity checks, CareSpace offers remibursement-specialist support and access to our proprietary Telemedicine rules engine and database.

EHR/PM Integrations

Increase revenue while reducing administrative costs and improving practice efficiency. CareSpace can offer additional EHR / Practice management integration services for a truly seamless and real time bi-directional experience.

Why Patients Love CareSpace

Immediate Access

Quality care from their trusted provider, anywhere at anytime.

Patient's can schedule a visit on the go or in advance, all based on the providers virtual practice hours. Experience care on your schedule.

Pain Free Prescriptions & Referrals

Prescriptions and referrals from board certified providers, in real time.

With access to over 100,000 pharmacies and mental health clinics nation wide, CareSpace allows each provider to make a decision during your visit and process referrals and prescriptions in real time - when deemed required.

Access to Your Local Provider

Instantly connect with a provider you know and trust.​

No more dealing with random doctors - located who knows where. CareSpace allows you to connect with your local provider, enabling access to high-quality care on demand while maintaining patients' peace of mind.

Common Patient Questions

Video visits through CareSpace allow for a secure connection to your doctor at the convenience of your time and location. This keeps you out of the doctors office and gives you much more free time.

Over 80% of common trips to the doctor could be resolved via Virtual Care. For any purpose that does not require a physical examination, telehealth has proven to be just as effective. Nevertheless, rest assured your provider will recommend you go see someone in person if they deem a video visit inapproptiate.

The visits you would do through CareSpace are typically covered by your regular health insurance. You would be charged the same amount - and pay the same co-pay - as you would if you were doing the visit in person. Some providers also offer a cash-pay option.

You will need either an iPhone, iPad, or an android device. Your provider will send you an inviation including a magic code, and you can use it to access your providers virtual CareSpace.